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Beauty in the Waves

Monday, April 15th, 2024

by Nicole VanZuidam, MA, LMFT


If one has not spent much time by the ocean, the water can be very intimidating.  With its undertows, strong waves, riptides, and sea creatures, there are a lot of things to be on the lookout for.  For some, admiring from a distance feels more comfortable than stepping in.  Either way, many have experiencing the ocean on their bucket list as it is one of God’s many wonders. 

There is a certain level of respect that we hold for the ocean with all of its mystery, beauty, and power.  The power and sound of the waves is mesmerizing to the point of causing many to be reflective when observing them.  To wade into the water can bring varying experiences depending on the state of the water.  Life experiences and especially it’s challenges, can be compared to this wonder.  

We often prefer to look at the beauty of life from the safety and tranquility of the beach when things seem to go without a hitch.  There are times we choose to put our toes in the water and then other times we feel we are being drug in, kicking and screaming.   Even though it comes with risk, when we are willing to step into the water facing potentially challenging waves that we can experience the excitement of the power and beauty of change.  

When we find ourselves in turbulent waters, we can feel inadequate, not knowing what to say or do and want to avoid the discomfort of the disruption and the emotions that come along with it.  There can be skills learned and for communication and coping that can help us sit in the difficulty when things get a little wavy.  

We all likely have a time when we went in fighting against it. Even though we might tend to avoid remembering or revisiting those experiences, there can be great value in exploring those moments to give us a better understanding of ourselves and maybe some behaviors that were a result of that experience.  Reflecting on these experiences as well as learning the skills to navigate the waves can give us the ability to appreciate the beauty and power of the water without as much fear or anxiety.  

If you find yourself struggling to navigate the waters or finding the beauty amongst the difficulties of life, therapy can be a helpful space. At River Counseling we are here to meet you where you are, offering hope.  You may schedule an appointment with the Platte office at 605-274-2716.  You can also meet with one of the therapists from Sioux Falls Psychological Services or Stronghold Counseling from your own computer or smartphone.