Central Office work opportunities:

Sioux Falls Psychological Services is interested in talking with you if you believe supporting clients and therapists in a counseling practice would be meaningful and rewarding for you.  We are always interested in those individuals who share our passion to help others, and who fit with our team and our mission.  Our Central Office team is on the front line of what we do, meeting clients on the phone and at the check in counter.  We also need individuals who get excited about problem solving, who enjoy attending to details, and who feel good about following through and completing tasks.  The right individuals may come with a set of skills specific to our needs, but other individuals who are motivated can generally learn needed skills during on the job training.  We are always open to a conversation with interested persons.  Please contact our Hospitality Coordinator (sometimes known as our Business Manager) Gwen at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  She will arrange for a time to have a conversation with you about your inquiry and interest in Sioux Falls Psychological Services.


Career opportunities for Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals, either already licensed or interested in pursuing a license:

Sioux Falls Psychological Services is a non-profit outpatient group practice with offices in Sioux Falls and Platte, South Dakota.  The organization includes a Therapy and Assessment Clinic focused on adult clients needing psychotherapy services or psychological evaluations, a Child and Adolescent Therapy Clinic focused on minor clients and their caregivers, offering both psychotherapy and psychological evaluations, a Community Counseling Clinic staffed by practicum graduate students and graduate student interns that serves the needs of those without insurance and without the ability to otherwise afford services, and River Counseling Services in Platte, SD, meeting the needs of those ages 3 to elderly in rural communities.  We also provide a unique service as a university counseling center in partnership with Augustana University in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Psychological Services is an integral part of Kairos University and Sioux Falls Seminary, and functions as a “classroom” for students in counseling and marriage and family therapy graduate programs offered through Kairos University.  Kairos University is an innovative academic organization offering undergraduate and graduate education, including both masters and doctoral degrees.  Legacy Partners within Kairos University are in South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Alberta, CA.  The student body is spread out across the US and across the world.

In 2015, we saw future trends in psychotherapy pointing to the use of HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platforms, and we jumped on board.  When COVID-19 hit the United States we were already providing psychotherapy to a small portion of our client base utilizing this approach.  Almost overnight we went from 5% of our clients utilizing an online format, to 95% of our clients utilizing an online format.  We are committed to meeting the client where they are psychologically and relationally, and also now where they are physically.  Online psychotherapy services increase access, especially in a rural state like South Dakota.  They increase affordability by limiting lost wages due to drive time, and by limiting the cost of driving.  They increase confidentiality by removing the need to sit in a waiting room with others. Research shows that psychotherapy provided on a video-conferencing platform is relevant and as effective as in-person therapy.  We anticipate that about 50% of our services will happen in the office and about 50% will happen on a video conferencing platform going forward, and we are looking for therapists who want to lean into the future and provide services in both formats.

We will maintain a team with varied training backgrounds, and our current team represents all of the available mental health licenses in South Dakota.  We are committed to the integration of psychology and theology as we pursue understanding from various disciplines to best assist those who come to us for care.  We are looking for people who share our passion and who fit with our team and our mission.  We are open to psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and licensed social workers who want to practice in South Dakota.  If you are interested in a rural practice, then our Platte office would be a good location for you.  If you are interested in a more urban practice, then our Sioux Falls office might be a great fit.  If you want to remain where you are but have an interest in being licensed in South Dakota and working with South Dakotans, then an online practice might be of interest to you.

For those we discover who share our passion and fit with our team and mission, you could have the opportunity to develop a practice that fits your personal interests and skill set.

We are always open to a conversation with any interested persons.  Please contact Douglas L. Anderson, PsyD, one of our Co-directors, to find a time to connect.  He can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  He will arrange for a conversation with you, and he can answer your questions and provide much more input about Sioux Falls Psychological Services.