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If you have Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid:

Usual fees for Sioux Falls Psychological Services' Therapy and Assessment Clinic and Child & Adolescent Therapy Clinic are $270 for the first visit.  Fee structure based on session length. 

  • 60-minute session  -  $230
  • 45-minute session  -  $160
  • 30-minute session -   $120

Fees for group and family sessions as well as for testing and assessment are available upon request.  A different set of fees applies for court-related work.   

Most people have insurance that covers mental health care.  If you have insurance, you are responsible for your co-pay and any unmet deductible.  Because we don't want you to experience any financial surprises, we will be happy to check your insurance's eligibility and your benefits.  We also accept Medicare & Medicaid.

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If you are Uninsured or Under Insured:

Fees for Sioux Falls Psychological Services' Community Counseling Clinic range from $5-25. Session fees are based on household income.  No one is turned away due to inability to pay.

Income Fee Per Session
$50,000-Above $25
$50,000-40,000 $20
$40,000-30,000 $15
$30,000-20,000 $10
$20,000-Below $5

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