What We Do

Augustana Student Counseling



Sioux Falls Psychological Services is pleased to partner with Augustana University to offer a full range of services to meet the emotional, relational, and spiritual needs of students.

We're here to help.  Meet our team of professionals.

Our professional staff is trained in a variety of areas, and in most cases, can connect you with a therapist who has the right training and skills to help you address your personal concerns and questions.  Some of the most common reasons people seek counseling are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship problems
  • Concerns adjusting to college life
  • Grief and loss
Confidentiality is an important part of the counseling process.  All information (even including disclosure of students who are receiving counseling) is released only upon the student’s choice, unless there is a concern of harm to self or others.


Scheduling an Appointment 

Call 334.2696 and our office staff will pair you with a counselor to address your needs.  Or to make an initial inquiry, click here.  Most appointments take place within three working days.  

Your First Appointment - What to Expect

  • Show up early to allow time for paperwork
  • Bring your Augustana student ID card (this will verify that no payment is needed)
  • Sessions usually last around 45-50 minutes, so prepare accordingly

Locaton - Directions
Sioux Falls Psychological Services is located on Norton Avenue between 28th and 31st Street.  From the Augustana Administration buidling (#3), head east across Summit Avenue and walk through the Sioux Falls Seminary (#4) parking lot to Norton Avenue.  Head south on Norton to the Sioux Falls Psychological Services entrance (x) on the lower east side of Sioux Falls Seminary.  See map.


For Parents and
Augustana Professors/Staff

While you may want to encourage your student to attend counseling, it is often best that students call to set up appointments since they know their own schedules and preferences best. 

If you have any questions about counseling at SFPS feel free to contact us at 605.334.2696.  Concerns about students may be directed to Augustana’s Dean of Students Office at 274.4124 or by talking with the student directly.