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The Power of Thankfulness

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

by Megan Miller, MA

During the Thanksgiving season we are often more intentional about slowing down to pay attention to what we are thankful for.  How might this practice impact your life if you continue to intentionally choose to be thankful throughout the year?  When we acknowledge the good, even in difficult moments, we can gain new reasons to push forward.

We don’t get to ignore the hard stuff in life, but when we accept the challenge to hold both the “good" and the “bad,” we can gain a perspective that helps us continue on.  We always have the opportunity to give up or keep pushing forward. When we choose to acknowledge all parts of life, we may be able to survive something that we thought we never could.

As you say “thanks” this holiday season, explore how you may engage in thankfulness daily.  Studies indicate this will positively impact our physical and mental health, increase the closeness in relationships, and decrease depression. Consider telling a friend/loved one daily what you are thankful for about them; daily telling yourself something you like about you; and journaling daily three things you are thankful for.  These simple practices can transform your life!