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The Missing Piece

Monday, May 6th, 2024

By Samantha Booth, Counseling Intern


There is a children's book entitled "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O" written by Shel Silverstein.  The book depicts a triangle piece who is desperately trying to find the pac-man-looking circle to complete him.  Throughout the story, the missing piece encounters several incomplete circles that don't seem to fit.  The missing piece gets discouraged and tries to change himself or draw more attention to himself in order to find someone. Ultimately the wedge realizes the importance of personal development and not looking to others to "complete" him.

We all have felt left out.  We all struggle with feeling alone or like we don't belong.  The oddity is that we live in a time where we are more connected than ever, but loneliness is at its highest.  We may find ourselves asking questions like, "Why am I always ignored? Why does it seem like my opinion matters? What am I doing wrong?"

When these feelings become overwhelming we can have a natural tendency to change ourselves to be more attractive to others.  We attempt to be more like others in order to find acceptance and cure loneliness.  Sometimes these attempts work.  But despite our acceptance, we still feel like a part of us is missing.

As the story concludes the missing piece meets the Big O.  The Big O isn't incomplete but rather a full circle.  Big O teaches the missing piece that he doesn't need to fit with others to achieve his goals or dreams, he just needs to try to roll on his own.  

Through the booms and busts of life, there will indeed be times where we yearn for "completeness" or attempting to diminish the "gap" between ourselves and others while seeking belongingness.  Whether or not we choose to admit it, there has to be a time where you combat the "missing piece moment" Either from peer pressure or emotional downfall.  At some point, we must reflect and realize the importance of enriching ourselves not by other's approval or even companionship but rather self-development.

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