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The Holiday Blues

Monday, December 12th, 2016

by Megan Miller, MA

This time of year we are encouraged to share Christmas cheer and invited to gather and spend time with loved ones.  If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, sadness and pain will be part of the holiday experience.  Some tips for navigating this season include:

-Be gentle with yourself as you may need to find new ways to celebrate during this challenging time of life.  Examine past traditions.  Some may need to be altered or changed completely to accommodate your life without this person in your life. Help those around you be aware of any changes you need to make.

-Encourage yourself to participate and be with people you know care and love you.  It is also a part of healing to find ways to remember and talk about your loved one with people close to you.  Allow yourself moments of slowing down to reflect on what this holiday is like for you.  Expect a mixture of feelings.  It is normal to feel sadness, anger, and happiness (just to name a few emotions)-know it is part of this journey to have moments of joy to embrace in the midst of the challenging times.

-Some comfort may be found in doing something for others during this time of year.

-Take care of yourself by exercise, eating healthy, resting and giving yourself grace as you grieve. You may benefit by writing letters to your deceased loved one about how much you miss them and what Christmas is like without them.  

-Take the holiday season one moment at a time. Life can feel overwhelming when we encounter difficult losses. Remember that you only need to take care of this moment. We can relieve stress and anxiety by focusing on what we can control, and that is one moment at a time.

If you'd like to talk with someone about the grief you are experiencing, please contact us today by calling 605.334.2696 or e-mailing sfps@sfseminary.edu.