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Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

by Melanie VanderPol-Bailey, MSW

Sunday, June 19, was Father’s day, a time to celebrate the men who are fathers as well as those men who are role models in our lives.  In today’s world, fatherhood encompasses more that just a biological connection.  There are many men today who fill the role of father for children.  We want to honor all of you who step up and provide leadership and support.   Research shows that children who have healthy adult role models have more success in adulthood.  Our relationships and connections with each other matter.

What would it be like to compare your role to one of a Superhero?  As you reflect back onto your childhood, which Superhero was most like your father?  Which Superhero are you?   Are you Superman, saving the day?  Or maybe Spiderman, with Spidey senses that knows when something is not okay?  Maybe you are more like Mr. Freeze, cold and distant?  Or like the Invisible Man, in and out of contact?  Do you think that people change costumes as life changes?   

Maybe all of these costumes are in our closets.  We cannot and do not always get it right.   And that is okay, we have the opportunity to allow for grace again and again.  Sioux Falls Psychological Services provides services to adults, children, and families.  Contact us today at 605.334.2696.