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Know Your Playbook

Monday, September 18th, 2017

By Erik Lohmann, Psy.D.

As football season begins, many coaches have finalized their playbook, hoping it will contain the perfect plays which, if executed well, will ensure a victory. Off the field, we all carry around playbooks to navigate the relationships in our life. Whether with a spouse or kids, parents or in-laws, or even coworkers, we resort to a playbook that we believe, if executed well, will bring about harmony and happiness in our world.

What if the playbook is outdated? What if there is a play that does not seem to work? In sports, a coach can recognize issues with different plays, work out the kinks, and if the play does not work at all, it is scrapped and replaced. When it comes to our daily lives, we often forget to evaluate whether the different plays in our playbook still work. When the plays do not work, do you become frustrated? Do you try to run the play repeatedly? Do you blame the other people in your life for not sticking to the play?

Be mindful and take time to consider how you interact with those around you. Everyone is individually created and your favorite “play” may not work when interacting with different types of people. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interacting with others. You may find that you are trying to run certain plays that are not in your wheelhouse right now. You may need to learn new plays as you adapt to the changes in the game we call life.

If you notice trouble in your playbook and wish to consult someone, Sioux Falls Psychological Services is here to help. To learn more, please call 605-334-2696.