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Graduation-Endings and Beginnings

Sunday, May 14th, 2023

by Samantha Booth, Counseling Intern


The end of the school year is coming!  Graduating from school and taking the next step can be an emotional time.  Graduates are often overwhelmed with emotions of ending a chapter and starting a new one. There can be an immense apprehension that the hurt will last forever. We can become accustomed to certain familiarities and will feel worried about how we can handle life without them.  At the same time, new beginnings can bring excitement. A new place, new people, new opportunities can bring on feelings of hope, peace, and anticipation.

To all the graduates and anyone finding themselves going through an ending of a season, know that endings can be exciting AND sad.  It can hurt  because the current season has a special meaning.  As you move onto the next phase, you will find new things that will bring you joy in different ways.  Time continues to march forward and seasons change. The hurt and sadness that comes with an ending  will start to lessen. The hope is that you will be able to look back on this season being thankful for the experience and what it taught you.

If you are struggling in the midst of a transition and want to talk  with a professional, we have competent and caring therapists in all four of our locations- River Counseling Services in Platte, Sioux Falls Psychological Services, and Stronghold Counseling Services in Sioux Falls and in Yankton -who will meet you where you are, offering hope. That is our mission. You may schedule an appointment at the Platte office at 605-337-3444 or meet with one of our Sioux Falls or Yankton based therapists from your computer, smartphone, or in person at any of our clinics. To schedule an appointment, please call 605-334-2696.