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A Time for Healing

Monday, February 27th, 2023

by Bethany Eggers MA, LPC-MH


Most of you have made at least one trip to your local medical clinic.  When we don’t feel well, we may experience negative and even harmful symptoms and find that we need to see a provider who can conduct an examination, run a few tests and at that point, they may be able to diagnose our condition.  Often a provider can prescribe a treatment that attends to the root cause of our symptoms, rather than just the symptoms themselves.  Both get resolved; however when only the symptoms are treated, we may find ourselves repeating this loop.

The same is true for our mental health. In order to get back to our optimum health and functioning, we are the beneficiary when we have the courage to explore and begin to treat the root of our symptoms, rather than just the symptoms themselves. This can be a challenge when we are desperate for relief.  In fact, it can be important to attend to some of those louder symptoms, create a bit of respite and regulation before digging into the curious work of discovering what some of those hidden roots might be.  

This first step of symptom relief often allows us to feel good, the second step of searching for the root may cause a bit of discomfort. In psychotherapy, there can be fast work involving symptom relief and utilization of coping skills.  A person may feel like they are “good to go”, because they have created tools to manage the symptoms. Roots often like to hide deeper within, and can be safeguarded by our attempts to heal just the symptoms.  Examining the root causes of feelings and behaviors is a process, instead of an event, and the result can be transformational. 

We are here to come alongside you with competent and caring therapists in all four of our locations - River Counseling Services in Platte, Sioux Falls Psychological Services, and Stronghold Counseling Services in Sioux Falls and in Yankton -who will meet you where you are, offering hope. That is our mission. You may schedule an appointment at the Platte office at 605-337-3444 or meet with one of our Sioux Falls or Yankton based therapists from your computer, smartphone, or in person at any of our clinics. To schedule an appointment, please call 605-334-2696.