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A Letter to Moms

Monday, May 15th, 2017

A Letter to Moms:

Moming is hard. Pair that with ample mom-shaming and you've got yourself a beat down "SUPERMOM" who has no clue how much she is rockin' this mom-thing. Here's the deal - you don't have to love every poopy diaper and midnight feeding to love your baby. You don't have to relish in every sleepless night to be doing great. You've taken on the hardest job on the planet - you're raising a human! You want your child to learn to allow themselves some grace? Then offer that to yourself. You want your child to love and respect themselves? Then love and respect them AND yourself. Moming is not an "either-or" relationship. Our precious babies learn to relate with others by watching how we do it. They learn to love themselves by seeing us do the same. Yes, your baby needs you to tend to their every need. Taking care of yourself is a great way to take care of your baby too!

You ARE super, Mom!

-Kimberly Belben