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A Gray World

Monday, July 26th, 2021

by Douglas L. Anderson, PsyD


As I write this I'm riding across South Dakota after a few days of work in the Hills. The smoke from fires in Ontario and fires in the western US are blanketing us with thick smoke.  The air tastes bad and as far as I can see - and it's not far - all I see is a gray landscape. 

People who are depressed often describe life as the experience of living in a gray world.  Colors fade to gray, relationships fade to gray, emotions are sometimes reduced to a dull gray,  and the depressed person's insides ache.  It's a dull gray ache that demands their attention and makes even the easiest decisions seem too complicated and overwhelming. 

Okay, I know. Enough with the "gray" references.  But if you have been depressed or are depressed, you know what "gray" feels like.  And when you are in that place it is extremely difficult to believe that the cloud of depression will ever lift. 

We are constantly learning more about depression and developing more ways to help people who are depressed.  New medications seem to show up in TV ads all the time. Therapists are well-versed in recognizing various types of depression,  and they can work with you to create an approach to therapy that personally fits you.  We know that the best treatment for severe depression is a combination of good psychotherapy and appropriate medication, and we know that depression almost always responds to good treatment. 

Healing returns color to your world. The smoke gradually lifts and dissipates. Food starts tasting good again.  Relationships improve, and routine decisions no longer overwhelm you. 

If your life has faded to gray, give us a call and let us help.  River Counseling Services and Sioux Falls Psychological Services meet you where you are, offering hope.  You may schedule an appointment with the Platte office at 605-337-3444, or meet with one of our Sioux Falls Psychological Services therapists from your own computer or smartphone.  To schedule an appointment please call 605-334-2696.