About Us


Sioux Falls Psychological Services was founded by the late Dr. Ernie Zimbelman and his wife Dorothy in 1974.  In 1991, Dr. Zimbelman gave his practice to Sioux Falls Seminary.  Sioux Falls Psychological Services moved to the seminary campus, and along with being an active and growing psychological practice in the area, it became a training site for graduate students pursuing a master's degree in counseling at Sioux Falls Seminary. Sioux Falls Psychological Services continues to serve the counseling needs of our region and the training needs of seminary students.

In 2009, Sioux Falls Psychological Services added a satellite office in Platte, SD, known as River Counseling Services.  In addition, we added the Child & Adolescent Therapy Clinic in 2014.  We currently have a team of professional therapists providing therapy through Sioux Falls Psychological Services. We also have a number of graduate student therapists-in-training working in our Community Counseling Clinic.

At this point in our history, we are able to effectively serve just about anyone who walks through our doors.