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Group for Kids Adjusting to Separation or Divorce Starting Soon

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

by Kristi Miller MS, LPC-MH Certified Theraplay Therapist

I am excited to develop and lead a divorce adjustment group for children ages 6-9 at Sioux Falls Psychological Services.  “Seasons of Change: Helping Children Adjust to Separation/Divorce” can offer a constructive and thoughtful group experience for children.  This group may assist children to understand divorce, enhance communication, and develop coping skills in a positive environment.  Children will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings through experiential activities, age appropriate discussions, and social interactions with peers. Parents will be informed about weekly topics. Parental consultations will occur first to obtain permission and ensure the group fits the child’s needs.

Research indicates that children from divorced families tend to develop resiliency and adjust better to divorce through positive parental and environmental support systems. My desire is to provide additional reinforcement for your child through a group experience.

If you wish to sign up for this group or ask additional questions, please call SFPS at 605-366-3194 and ask for Kristi Miller (facilitator).

To learn more about the impact that seasons of change can have on the lives of children, please read this recent article from our blog.