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Friday, December 21st, 2018

by Zane Peterson, LPC, NCC

Another year is quickly coming to a close, and with it comes the beginning of a new year.  As often happens, many New Year’s resolutions will most likely be made by millions, if not billions of people.  Unfortunately many of these resolutions will be started, but then slowly falter as all the motivation that initially started them fades.  What about the people who are able to follow through and see their resolutions to fruition though?  How do they manage to stick with it to the end?  Progress, would be one of the essential components to see this recipe succeed.

Many people will start themselves on a path to reach a goal, but then lose motivation shortly after due to the goal taking too long to achieve.  Each goal/resolution that is made, benefits immensely from the making of smaller goals that can be achieved on a faster and more frequent basis.  This sense of achievement turns into more motivation to continue striving towards the larger ultimate goal, all due to that one word:  Progress. 

This New Year put the focus, not on the ultimate goal, but instead on the day-to-day improvement, success, and achievements.  Focusing on what has been improved on and gained, rather than how far off and further there is to go, will keep that will to push forward going long into the next year if not years. 

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