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Hope for Postpartum Distress and Psychosis

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

by Kimberly Belben, MA
There are three messages of hope that I would like to share with moms experiencing Postpartum Distress (PPD) or Postpartum Psychosis (PPP).
1)  You Are Not Alone
Widespread research indicates that one in seven women experience Postpartum Distress and that one to three in a thousand 1000 experience Postpartum Psychosis.  The occurrence of each may be even higher due to under reporting, missed diagnosis, and mis- (or inaccurate) diagnosis. To address the challenges that you are facing is to take away the power it holds and thus, relieve yourself from depression, anxiety, and scary thoughts.
2)  You are Not to Blame 
What you are experiencing is not a sign of a character defect.  Your symptoms are not indicative of your ability to parent or of the kind of mom that you are.  They also do not indicate the amount of love you have for your baby or your other children.  You are not a “bad mom.”  There are several factors that can influence the presence of PPD/PPP symptoms.  The sooner you take action the sooner you will begin to experience relief!
3)  You Will Be Well
PPD and PPP are considered acute episodes (short-term) rather than chronic conditions.  With proper treatment, symptoms often alleviate rapidly, allowing moms to more fully enjoy the first months of life with their new baby.  Therapy, supportive relationships, self-care, or (in some cases) medication, are essential to healing.  We are here to walk through this journey toward greater well-being with you!
For more information or to speak further about treatment options, please contact Sioux Falls Psychological Services at 605.334.2696 or sfps@sfseminary.edu.