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It’s National Play Therapy Week (Feb. 4-10, 2018)

Monday, February 5th, 2018

A four-year old boy is patting a crying baby doll in a thoughtfully designed and stocked play room at a mental health agency.  His therapist sits on the floor nearby, allowing the child to play with toys as he wishes.  The therapist provides support through reflecting feelings and intentionally commenting on his play content.  Her attention is completely tuned into every aspect of the child.  The child suddenly shakes the doll and yells, “She won’t take a nap.”  The child then unexpectedly screams at the baby doll, “Stop it! You are ruining my life” and tosses the baby on the therapist's lap.  In exasperation, he commands “Do something with that baby!”  Invited, the therapist then joins the play by following his lead, and the session continues in a nondirective manner.

We are excited that it is National Play Therapy week!  This is one example of numerous play therapy scenarios that we may encounter at Sioux Falls Psychological Services.  We understand that children 0-18 are unique in their development and many struggle with verbal dialogue and problem solving.  Play is the work of a child.  Our child and adolescent therapists utilize this modality, along with others, to serve many children and caregivers that seek out play therapy services.  Our play therapy room is inviting and fully-stocked with toys for therapeutic purposes, and our therapist are skillfully and compassionately able to treat a variety of emotional and behavioral needs.

We offer a comfortable, child-friendly, and safe place to meet you, and children ages 0-18, where you are and offer hope.  Call us today at 334.2696 or visit the Child and Adolescent Therapy page on our website to learn more.